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A new job description for the corporate or industrial world is beginning to emerge and DuPage Ministries is ready to assist when called upon. Job stress, social pressures, financial strains, downsizing, mergers and acquisitions have caused previously unheard of dilemmas in the workplace.

As an example, DuPage Ministries was able to assist a company when an employee was diagnosed with a terminal illness. This is just one way of how a corporation can show a more holistic care of their employees.

As unique as each company is, the corporate chaplain can work with the human resource department to meet the needs of a particular business. People often think of the chaplain for hospitals, police, fire, military and schools; but society is becoming aware of the chaplain filling a void in the business arena.

To develop a relationship with employees, the chaplain can make their presence known through attendance at company meetings and functions, announcements on bulletin boards, company newsletter articles, and whatever means seem appropriate for a particular industry.

If your company is located in the DuPage County area and could benefit from a corporate chaplain, please contact Chaplain Ron Yurcus to see if DuPage Ministries can provide the services you need.

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